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Here there be dragons. And not much else. You've been warned! O.O

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Freakin' amazing dragon art done by others. I can only hope to be this good some day. ^^;




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United States
Current Residence: Utah
Favourite genre of music: I couldn't identify genres to save my life. I listen to songs, not genres.
Favourite style of art: Digital art that is high enough quality to look real. Especially with dragons. :)
MP3 player of choice: Not iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Dragons again.
Personal Quote: "Life IS pain, your Highness. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something."
My dA account is 5 years old, but I've been lurking around the site for a fair bit longer than that.

DeviantART has always been a site that I come to to find awesome art. It should hardly be a surprise that the art I looked for on here was dragon art. I think I first discovered the site because of a friend who was posting some personal art on here and shared it with me, but I really started to frequent dA when I came across awesome art like this.

Ascent by cryslara

I started building up a "collection" of my favorite art from dA even before I had an account here. If you go through my favorites and go all the way to the last pages, you can see which pieces I favorited as soon as I started my account. This drawing by cryslara was one of the very first. It was then and continues to be today one of my all-time favorite pieces on this site.

It took me many years to create my own dA account for one simple reason: I didn't draw. I didn't want to be on the site without having a reason to be here. Viewing and enjoying others' art could be done with or without an account, but I didn't want my own account to be empty and stale. Even when I did start drawing, I didn't make an account for some time. I wanted to be "good enough" to put my art up on dA. I guess I finally got pestered enough by my friends that I gave in and created an account to upload my first pieces.

Having a Good Laugh by Zeimyth

This is where my dA story also becomes the story of my art. This happy-looking dragon was the product of my first legitimate attempt at drawing. I was 17 at the time. Most artists don't wait until 17 to start drawing! But that's my excuse for why my first piece ever actually looked okay.

Once I finally had an account, I could start watching people. But I wanted to find more great artists. It took me some time to build up the pool of great artists that I watch today. I would spend a few hours every now and then looking through the latest submissions of dragon art on dA. I tried to meet new people through this process, so I commented frequently. Some of those comments have remained unanswered to this day; others have lead to massive conversations filling up the deviation's chats. One of my friends around this time was Orm-Irian. She was a dedicated artist, but still learning to find her style like I was. We had plenty of conversations in deviation threads and notes, and I learned a lot about how to motivate myself to draw and how to look critically at my art for opportunities to improve. Here's one of Orm's pieces from that time.

Together by OrmIrian

Shortly thereafter, I went on my two-year hiatus while I served a mission for my church in the beautiful country of New Zealand. I haven't ever updated any pictures from this time, because my gallery has always been reserved for my dragon art. New Zealand has hobbits, but not dragons, unfortunately... with one exception! And I just happened to photograph it.

Hunting the Wild by Zeimyth

In more recent times, DeviantART has remained a site that I frequent to enjoy others' art and occasionally visit to upload art of my own. I'm really still a budding artist; I don't draw frequently, but, when I do, I draw lots of dragons. I intend to hang around here for quite a while longer. As long as I have the desire to draw and enjoy people's art, you can be sure you'll see the occasional of random dragon favorite or deviation from me!

Showin' Off the Mane by Zeimyth
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons
  • Reading: Dragon Avenger - E. E. Knight
  • Playing: League of Legends


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Zeimyth's Year of Art by Zeimyth
Zeimyth's Year of Art
Alternate title: Let's See All of the Art Zeimyth Uploaded This Year at the Same Time

This is really more for my benefit than anything else. Since I actually uploaded enough drawings this year to fill in most of the months in one of these memes, I wanted to give it a shot! It's rather telling. Rather than showing how my art has progressed, this is really more of a gallery of how my style has changed (or not changed) in the past year. Unfortunately, most of these drawings are sketches or speed pieces, so it doesn't give a very good representation of my artistic growth in 2014.

TL;DR: I need to draw more. ^^;

Original template taken from 2014 SUMMARY OF ART MEME - TEMPLATE. I abbreviated it myself, since there were enough months that I simply didn't draw anything and it was kinda bare.
Studied Out by Zeimyth
Studied Out
Finally - after 12 years of public schooling and 3.5 years of university, I'm done! There's only one way to celebrate: *flops*

Completed my last final for my last semester this week. This semester really burned me out. I'm just as happy to be done with the semester as I am to be done with schooling in general! Now maybe I'll have some actual free time. Maybe I'll spend some of that free time drawing. ;)

Also, that's meant to be a graduation cap. If you couldn't tell.

Medium: Wacom Bamboo tablet in Photoshop Elements 8
Time: ~45 minutes
Readying for the Big One by Zeimyth
Readying for the Big One
Sometimes it takes a second leap to really get into the air. This dragon is gathering himself for his big takeoff!

Week four of my weekly art challenges with Skyder. This week, I was given Morrogh of FA. So, here's his dragon in feral form! Because I'm not comfortable enough to draw an anthro dragon in just two hours.

...Although, truth be told, I actually went over my usual two hours for this one. ^^;

I'm still trying to figure out my style. I don't like this cartoony look that I've gotten into lately. However, I decided to fully embrace the style for this picture and add a dropshadow. Now it looks like a catoony paper cutout!

Check out Skyder's piece for this week: Art Challenge! Griffin

Medium: Wacom Bamboo tablet in Photoshop Elements 8
Time: 3 hours
Moongazing by Zeimyth
Sometimes it's nice to just sit and admire the night sky.

This is my part of the weekly art challenge between myself and Skyder117. This week's challenge was to draw totally in greyscale. Skyder asked me to draw a dragon for :iconxsyd:.

I limited the values that I had access to for this drawing and tried to focus on making the individual shapes on the dragon be more implied than implicit. I have mixed feelings about the result. Overall, though, I'm pleased with how this turned out.

Check out Skyder's version for this week! Art Challenge! Kidra

Time: 2 hours
Medium: Wacom Bamboo tablet in Photoshop Elements 8

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